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We provide cutting edge security professional services in web applications, networks, and cloud specializing in modern infrastructures on AWS. We work as an extension of your team and love tackling your stickiest challenges. So your team can deliver innovation faster and create awesome customer experiences.

Security Awareness

Our training experts have hands-on experience within real world environments. They will be able to impart knowledge that goes beyond text books and training materials in order to help you make the best use of your people and technology.

AWS Secure Foundation

Using a mixture of AWS best practices and our own security controls we’ll bootstrap your AWS account to ensure it is protected from the outset. Even before you start running workloads

AWS Security Assessment

We’ll review your existing AWS environment against your internal security controls and AWS best practices and make recommendations for improvement

Security Architecture

We’ll take your security controls and turn them into architectural solutions based on AWS utilising features the cloud has to offer such as DDOS protection & autoscaling

Security Automation

We’ll take your security reference architecture and embed this into your environment using automation tools such as cloudformation, beanstalk, opsworks and chef

Vulnerability Analysis

Using automated toolsets we’ll analyse your existing AWS infrastructure to ensure it is free from vulnerabilities. If not, we’ll help you fix any issues

Third Party Threat Modelling

When contracting with Third-party vendors, we'll look into their security posture and perform threat modelling based on the type of data and network access they will have.

AWS Cost Control

Drive down your cloud costs. We'll elevate AWS cost control best practices, and techniques for designing cost effective solutions to reduce the cost of your existing projects.

Securing IoT Devices in AWS

We'll perform GAP Assessments on new or existing IoT Device Architectures in cloud by Leveraging device certificates, IoT roles and policies.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests reveals security vulnerabilities, backed by a comprehensive report, remediation action and recommendations to ensure your security program is optimized to prevent future attacks on your organization.

Security Policy and Procedure Creation

Policy and procedure creation is also seen as an inexpensive way to reduce overall company risk. Professionally crafted policies will enhance the trust you’ve worked so hard to earn among your clients and investors.

Security Risk Assessments

We'll assess the effectiveness of security controls in your information systems. It will also define gaps if present within your security program allowing the organization to develop a comprehensive remediation program.


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